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Google Ads
Advertising on Google is the most immediate way to have presence in this search engine, with Google Adwords you guarantee that your potential customers find you when they are looking for what you offer.
Display Network
The Google Display Network is the largest digital webpage network on the planet, reaching 80% of Internet users around the world. When you seek to impact people who have a defined potential customer profile, the display network is your best ally since Google uses the information it has from its users to segment their campaigns and messages. It achieves this with an effective combination of orientation tools by audience, context, keywords and location that allow you to find your audience and connect with them.
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with more than 2 billion active users. Ads on Facebook and Instagram allow targeting campaigns to extremely specific niche markets because the platform has effective segmentation tools such as age, gender, relationship, interests, position, industry and much more.
Social Media Marketing
The objectives of the SMM are different for each company, however in most cases we focus on content marketing strategies to create an idea, position a brand, increase its visibility and even sell its products and services. SMM also includes the management of the reputation, the positive influence actions and the dialogue between companies and users through the social networks, regardless of them beign clients or not. Based on the Inbound Marketing methodology, we determine the target audience we want to impact, once this public is defined, we create a content plan with clear conversation axes and publication grids that we send to our customers weekly. The content of interest naturally attracts the user to the company. It is a non-aggressive procedure where the user is not forced to receive the message, on the contrary the user searches for the content of the brand and interacts with it. This strategy, accompanied by permanent customer service through social networks, makes SMM highly effective both in generating brand awareness and in generating real sales.
Email Marketing
We send the right email with the right message to the right person, at the right time, we know that this tool is very effective at generating sales and above all, loyalty, re-purchase and cross selling. That is why we design creative and interactive emails that help our clients achieve their goals.


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